Gibt es eine spionage app um alle nachrichten e mails etz zu sehen

I've extensively studied the science of the safety of vaccines, though, enough to know who knows their shit and who's blowing smoke up our asses. Enough people who were discussing this knew the legit science of aluminum that I owed it to them to give it a hard look.


The paper I saw discusses using fine metal particulates as an accelerant. I'm summarizing but if memory serves the aluminum helps the laser get to target faster and hotter and helps it do what they want it to do. This matches a patent I saw that discusses using satellites to focus energy from space to storms to disperse energy; they went as far as to specify that the known size and shape of aluminum particulates called " chaff e" would produce a resonant frequency of the energy beam as it travelled through them increasing intensity and distance travelled.

Add to that the insanity that was CA in , and my discernment suggests shenanigans. If you just mean this video, it's the word laser at the bottom of the screen and the guy saying "roger, laser safe". Browne first reported on the alleged deal back on Oct.


Jason chaff etz Utah told Fox News at the time. In an earlier post today Thread an Anon included a copy of a letter from Jason V. Herring, Acting Asst. Cummings, dtd 16 Aug Letter gives a long winded explanation why FBI Dir. The letter appears to be written by HRC's defense team rather than a law enforcement agency. The problem with the letter is not what it reveals about the investigation although that's telling enough.

No, the issue here is what is glaringly omitted from it. No electronic devices are permitted when reviewing material in a SKIF. Copies are not permitted to be made. And, the controlling agency, the one who originated the material, normally retains control of who may see it. SCI material may be considered above Top Secret in a hierarchy of classification.

So, how did that material end up on HRC's non-secure non-government server, for her to see at her convenience? How was it removed from the SKIF and copied? Who did that? Who deliberately removed classified markings and uploaded it to her server? Herring does not even acknowledge that this is what happened. Furthermore, it is reported that some of the same classified material was found on Anthony Weiner's non-governmental and unsecured private laptop at his home in NYC. Weiner's estranged spouse. The fix was in, all the way. Its not too hard to understand why Q said today, "Jason V. Sincerely, Jason V.

Herring and FBI regarding subpoena from chaff etz.


While there are several epic exchanges in the short 4 minute video, the best is the very end where chaff etz literally serves Herring with a subpoena while he's still on the stand. I get to see it all. I was elected by some , people to come to Congress and see classified information. I was elected by my colleagues here to be the chairman of this committee. That's the way our Constitution works. Will the FBI provide to Congress the full file with no redactions of personal identifiable information? So let's go.

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I've signed this subpoena. We want all the s and we would like the full file. You can accept service on behalf of the FBI? We have a duty and a responsibility. You can sight no precedent, nothing in the constitution, no legal precedent, you know this is important to us.

You now have your subpoena. We would all like to see this information. Richards Planned Parenthood Chairperson: "would the gentleman yield? She was his boss, which, he said, "didn't stop me from falling for her at first sight. Since , she has been president of Planned Parenthood, a New York-based organization she is repeatedly tasked with defending against conservative detractors.

At a congressional hearing, she told House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason chaff etz to "check your sources" when he presented a bogus chart at her testimony showing a dramatic increase in the organization's abortion rate. Kirk Adams established himself as a major player in labor through several leadership positions at the powerful Service Employees International Union.

Darf man das Handy des Partners mit einer Spionage-App überwachen?

Recently, he helped bring the agenda of New York's health care industry to the national stage by becoming executive director of the Healthcare Education Project, a lobbying organization run through an unlikely partnership between SEIU and the Greater New York Hospital Association. Together the organizations represent , health workers and hospitals in New York. The WALL means more than you know.

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Gins burg Gin j? The die is cast. It's over. The scrolls are being opened. Talking time ended on 13 Jan. Anon doesn't know how your do it so much chaff. Also, big thanks to you digging anons who keep digging and putting your nuggets out. Stage has been set. Australian bureau of meteorology admits to chemtrails - calls it ' chaff '.

Known as chaff , it's a radar countermeasure in which aircraft or other military targets spread a cloud of small, thin pieces of aluminium, metallised glass fibre or plastic. The radar-jamming material either appears as a cluster of targets on radar screens or overwhelms the screen with hundreds of returns, or "false echoes". Gute nacht!

Geheimdienste spähen über 37 Millionen E-Mails aus

S chaff en Sie Gut! I thought it was just redditfugees. God Bless Patriot. Glad you fags are still here. Yes FW takes me back. Helper Anons still pop in. My brain is fried sometimes but I do pay attention when the good stuff drops. Thats a three times increase from the year before.

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Im still digging on the PTSD shit. Nerve Block injections are being used but doctors are not in agreement with its effectiveness. I found a journal article that implies aqueous chaff ron injections are showing promise. Incidently chaff ron rice is a mainstream part if the diet in the middle east. Why is it only our soldiers are suffering from PTSD? We are the noise that both carries and hides the signal. Go find Post Rate is Linear Anon and find out why. There's only you and me here. HInt: Go to archives and graph post rates.

Based on their configuration, they are in an ascent. That actually means they are posing for photos… But if it were an op, they would be accelerating and punching through the sound barrier to extend their missile range and improve the PK Probability of Kill and engagement envelope… In short - they are burning for an intercept.

However, there is another reason: "select zone 5, you can extend and escape; save your aircraft. You select zone 5 when you need a lot of altitude and a lot of distance to keep the missile from reaching terminal stage. On the other hand, I could just be rattling off trivia. There again… Q's way of posting stuff reminds me of a much more seasoned and planned way in which I like to post things. My ego is massive enough to allow me to question if I am fucking trolling myself via time travel.

It's absurd… But I am basically left with absurd explanations all the way around for things I experience… So I just pick my favorite one to go with for the day and have fun. Anon understands how difficult bakes have been the last 3 weeks. What a wonderful time to be alive. Check your local weather radar for military chaff.

It's happening. Let's Not Delude Ourselves - Brexit Is War and the EU Is the Enemy Finally I understand everything: why Brexit is proving so impossible to negotiate; why Leave voters are more determined than ever to get the hardest Brexit possible, preferably No Deal; why Theresa May keeps caving to Brussels; why the political class is so out of touch with the electorate; why this can only get uglier Actually, I knew the answer to all this before.

And so did you. It's really very simple: the European Union is a totalitarian superstate run by sharp-suited, hatchet-faced technocrats who have no interest whatsoever in freedom, fairness, justice, probity, logic, first principles, or economic reality. Their project is - and always has been - an end in itself: a conspiracy against the people by the liberal elite to subsume them, whether they like it or not, into a vast, anti-democratic, politically correct, socialistic, borderless supranational bureaucracy with its own government, military, currency, tax regime, rules system.